Welcome to the Zero.Mark closed beta.

Zero.Mark is a team-based top-down arena shooter featuring a unique scoring mechanics and class-based tactical combat. This project is currently in development and is updated every Thursday for testing purposes.

Zero.Mark is played with the WASD keys and mouse for input. Support for Xbox controllers is available. Please contact us for configuration details.

This is a networked multiplayer game in a very limited early beta access. If you are unable to connect with Zero.Mark, this may due to network limitations currently imposed for development stability. Please contact us with any errors you may receive while attempting to play Zero.Mark.

To get the best idea of what Zero.Mark is like please be sure to try it out with other players. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule a participatory demonstration match.

The following network issues are known:

For more information, please contact Maxim at and follow our development at